Metale grele….feminine

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8 Responses

  1. radu says:

    Ultimul video nu a intrat, Sorry! Taylor Momsen, The Pretty Reckless! Noua Lady a rage rock-ului american a lansat un album superlaudat “Going to Hell”.Vi-l recomand!!
    Cel postat apartine Evanescence.

  2. Redoo says:

    Tarja…concert in decembrie la Bucale…parca, parca vreau sa o revad.

  3. ice4you® says:

    Din pacate nu mi’a placut niciodata NW …. dar ca voce, tot respectul.

  4. radu says:

    Las’ ca vin astea mai tinerele din urma!Frate ICE, mersi mult!

  5. Oana says:

    Ai uitat de Nina Hagen :P nasule!

  6. ice4you® says:

    Sa exemplificam … laugh

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