Romanian profanity sau … romaneste in culori

The Romanian language is considered to have a huge set of inflammatory terms and phrases. Profanities rarely differ from region to region in Romania, but there are differences when taking into account languages related to Romanian, such as the Aromanian and Megleno-Romanian languages.

  • bulangiu, fundaş, poponar, găozar: Male homosexual, roughly the equivalent of „fag”. Bulangiu is also used for a man who doesn’t want to do something that the one who calls him as such thinks he should do(roughly equivalent to „dork”, „dick”, „hater”).
  • puţoi: the possesor of a ‘puţă’; it is used as an insult and is roughly equivalent to „punk” as in a boy that is not mature yet
  • pizdar: a womanizer, someone who is obsessed with women, „chases skirts” (also „afemeiat”, „fustangiu”).
  • peşte: pimp(literally fish)
  • nenorocitule: Motherfucker.
  • mama dracului: „devil’s mother” used the same as „shit!” in English when something goes wrong; „căcat” (the Romanian word for „shit”) can also be
  • lăbar, labagiu: jerk-off; a person that masturbates too often
  • curvă, târfă, traseistă, muistă: prostitute (muistă is a derivation usually denoting oral sex)

The male anatomy

  • pulă: dick, penis.
  • puţă: a softer version of ‘pulă’ usually meaning the penis of a child (that hasn’t reached puberty yet) or a very small penis. Other words for this include ‘cocoş’ (literally ‘cock’), ‘cocoşel’ (literally ‘little cock’) or ‘puţulică’ (little ‘puţă’).
  • coaie (plural of coi): testicles from the latin cōleus, cōleī. The word „coaie” can also be used as a means of addressing someone especially a young man (never a girl or woman) in a manner roughly equivalent to using „dude” or „mate” in English speaking countries, for example „Salut, coaie, ce faci?” literally means „Hi, balls, how are you doing?”. Most young people see nothing wrong in being addressed in this manner whilst older people might be offended.

    The female anatomy

  • balcoane (plural of balcon): a woman’s breasts (literally „balconies”)
  • pizdă,fofo, păsărica: vagina, pussy
  • lindic: clitoris (‘clitoris’ is also used in regular language), coming from the latin landīca
  • bulan: roughly equivalent to „dumb luck” but it can also mean a woman’s thigh (or leg) the word „burlan”(meaning water drainage pipe) is also used
  • a bulăni: to touch or caress a woman’s thighs (is considered offensive by some women unless they agree to it and can result in charges of sexual harassment)
  • găoz:equivalent to „ass hole”
  • fleaşcă: literally „wet” – is a diferent way to say „pizda”

Pentru restul va recomand acest link, unde este explicat cu lux de amanunte, cat de colorata este limba noastra cea romana. N’joy!  laugh

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